Longbow Making Workshop

South Causey Inn, County Durham

South Causey Inn is proud to present its latest in heritage classes, an English Long Bow Making Workshop. In this workshop you will take a pre-laminated stave made from hickory and degame and under the tutelage from the gentleman at True North Trades, you will shape and tiller (bend to shape) into a traditional English long bow. After you have completed your bow we will send you into the field to test shoot your bow and have you walking away an archer.

This course will take roughly four hours, with a break for food. Success of the course cannot be guaranteed as there are so many variables, however the experience and knowledge will be with you for a lifetime.

  • Booking detail...

    This workshop can be booked on the dates listed below:

    10 am start

    • Saturday, 1st June 2024


    £125 per person

    • This workshop is for 14yrs and over. Anyone under 16yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Your confirmation of your booking onto the workshop will be sent to you via email.


    If you would like to book over the phone, please contact us by calling 01207 235555 or emailing enquiries@southcausey.co.uk.

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