Causey Celebration Boxes

We are thrilled to present our Causey Celebration Boxes!

Available to order every Saturday and Sunday, this is the perfect way to enjoy a high standard restaurant meal in your own home.
Our Chefs will prepare two starters, two main courses, and two desserts per box for you to cook and serve at home. The boxes come complete with all the ingredients, a candle for the table, napkins ..... even the toothpicks are included and best of all, almost no washing up!

A fabulous 3-course meal made easy!

This is an ideal way to celebrate the great occasion and make birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements extra special, they make the perfect lockdown gift!

Don’t worry if you have never cooked a three-course meal before, our Chefs have strived to make these fabulous meals easy - you will feel like a Master Chef winner with very little effort.

All you must do is dim the lights, put on Barry White, and watch your loved ones as they become more amazed at each course!

Photography by DJM Photography.