Wedding Fireworks

  • Rules & Regulations +

    South Causey must be made aware that you are having a Firework display and the company you are using at your 6-week meeting so we can make the local residents aware that there will be fireworks.

    The firework company must have a fully licensed operator with comprehensive liability insurance.

    The company that is providing your fireworks must be aware that we can only accept the low noise / silent fireworks.

    If the fireworks are not Low noise South Causey is free to shut down the Fireworks Display.

    Firework displays can take place no later than 8 pm from October - April.

    Firework displays can take place no later than 9.30 pm from May - September.

    Firework displays can only take place on Friday and Saturday evenings.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your wedding administrators at any time on 01207 235555.