Showtime by Candlelight

South Causey Inn, County Durham

A live, multi-sensory musical experience...

South Causey Inn and Stanley Brass Band are super excited to present Showtime by Candlelight in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Barn.

This event is a one-of-a-kind experience in a candlelit setting, allowing you to experience live music in a completely new way. The Old Barn will be transformed, with hundreds of candles as a mesmerising backdrop for the Stanley Brass Band who will perform iconic music pieces from all eras, throughout the evening.

Food will be available to order from our main bar anytime from 4pm before the show starts in the Old Barn at 7pm. There will be drinks and snacks available only in the Old Barn.

  • Booking details...

    Friday, 20th September 2024 - 7pm

    Venue: Old Barn

    Tickets £20 per person includes;

    • Full brass band performing music from all eras, by candlelight


    For more information and to book, please contact our team by calling 01207 235555.


    • Food is not available to order from the Old Barn and can be ordered from our main bar and restaurant anytime from 4pm before the show starts at 7pm.  


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